Kasih Bunda France is a humanitarian non-profit formed under the law 1901 and is active in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Madagascar. 

Kasih Bunda means “motherly love” in Indonesian and was created in Indonesia in May 1984 with the opening of the Jakarta Orphanage. The non-profit has been active in Sri Lanka and Madagascar since 1985.

Its main objectives are the support of international adoption, the child sponsors

hips and humanitarian projects. Kasih Bunda has more than 900 members in France and is known for its quality work and the friendliness of its volunteers.

More than 40 of the volunteers share the work of follow-up of prospective adoptive parents, management of the child sponsorship program, financing and start-up of new in-country projects and event organization in France. The latter is important to the generation of financial support of Kasih Bunda.  Its objective is to redistribute 90 % of the donations and sponsorships to the children in the orphanages or from poor families. Kashi Bunda relies on its qualified local representatives.  They are knowledgeable of the country and its traditions. They are responsible for oversight of the local projects and we can trust them to contact us when needed.   Kasih Bunda enforces strong policies of accountability. Board members tra

vel regularly to Sri Lanka to assure that the funds are being used appropriately in accordance with the project goals. 1984: creation of “Amis des enfants sans famille” (friends of children without family) with the aim of assisting the orphanage Yayasan Bina Sejahtera in Jakarta-Indonesia. 



1984 : Creating Friends Of Children Without Family in order to help the orphanage Yayasan Bina Sejahtera Jakarta - Indonesia.

1985 : Assistance in the adoption of children in Sri Lanka.

1987 : Meeting with Dr. Goonewardena in Sri Lanka and assistance with the orphanage in Dehiwala, and child sponsorship program

1990 : creation of a food in the district of Ambodirano, Madagascar and group sponsorship program.

1992 : In Sri Lanka: Meeting with Sister Angéla, sponsorship of disabled children or children with disabled parents and creation of sewing and embroidery as well as an agricultural. In Madagascar: building of a children nursery and a recycling.

1993 : Meeting with Mrs. Ranassinghe, commissioner, state provided facility in Bandarawella (Sri Lanka). Building of a classroom.

1995 : Building of a classroom in the Ragam a Hospital in Sri Lanka.

1996 : Building of the reception centre, AINA in Madagascar

1998 : Kasih Bunda is recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for international adoptions in Sri Lanka.

2000 : Termination of our relationship with the Aïna Centre. Start up of the Kirikou Program and building of the first well in Madagascar. Meeting with Sally Tumewu (Indonesia).

2001 : Creation of Kasih Bunda’s internet web site.  Kirikou, via the website and a booklet, develops a relationship between the schools in France and those in Sri Lanka.

2002 : Participation in the building of the sewing in Colombo which was opened in October.

2003 : Travel to Sri Lanka and official handing over to the sewing centre of a puzzle and a celebration day for all the sponsored children.

2004 : 20th anniversary of the association in Sri Lanka.  Madagascar: Kasih Bunda in Tuléar with Colette Laurans.

2005 : Humanitarian actions and rebuilding of schools and houses affected by the tsunami in Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

2006 : Ankalika School and building of wells in Madagascar.

2007 : Inauguration of the tsunami projects in Sri Lanka: Gamini College Bentota, Rajapakse in Ahungalla, Kalutara

2008 : Travel to Sri Lanka with a group of 40 members, of which 20 are children and teens. Mission in Indonesia. Installation of a solar energy center in Mangily (Madagascar).

2009 : School supplies (Mahiyanganaya). Food aid in Sri Lanka for three orphanages. Travel to Indonesia with a group of 17 members. Scholarships for students entering university.

2010 : Audrey’s internship in Sri Lanka. Continuation of food aid program. Travel to Madagascar. New local representative for adoption in Sri Lanka: CHANDRA PERERA: three adoptions. Wells in Tulear (Madagascar): Tanambao.

2011 : The Malagasy Gospel Tour in France. Wells in Tulear : Betania and St Ursuline. Building of a school shed in Mahiyanganaya. Five adoptions.

2012 : Travel to Sri Lanka. School Noémie Raballand. Orphanages Indonesia. Malagasy Gospel Choir Tour. Tsimenatse wells in Madagascar.

2013 : Kasih Bunda is recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for international adoptions in Bulgaria. One adoption in Sri Lanka. CEG Betania wells in Madagascar. Aid orphanage Ende in Indonesia.

2014 : 30 years of KBF. Tourist and humanitarian travel to Sri Lanka. « Le Train de la Vie » Tour in orphanages of Sri Lanka and two adoptions.




400 children worldwide aided through sponsorship program

30 remodelled or newly build schools in Sri Lanka.

700 materials and supplies for schools students in Indonesia

200 families assisted with the international adoption process

2 middle school facilities in Indonesia. 

1 school build in Madagascar. 

2 solar energy projects, one in Madagascar and one in Sri Lanka. 

10 wells built in Madagascar. 


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